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A Day With The True Story Movie: PADMAN

This is a note of an inspiring story of a loving husband and an ignorant society.

Relishing the vacation time when Ayman and Azkiya left for Bone for the holiday, I tried to search for an interesting worth watching movie together with my lovely wife. A movie we both like is that which is motivating, driving to goodness, and having great value for humanity.

A riveting recommendation of the movie on my laptop appeared, it was reasonably fascinating to download it. As usual, I searched from some sources of unofficial and downloadable movie websites. 😊

The Internet makes everything easy to get, right?.

It is likely a captivating movie, from both the title and its front cover image. The title is PADMAN. An Indian movie. :D. Concerning our movie selection, both of us are mostly different, I don’t like (for many things) Bollywood movies, Erlin Zet, however, really love them and can spend hours watching them. 😂😂

This enticing title resembled fictional heroes: Superman, Batman or Spider-Man, this Padman movie shows the cover of a big smile mature man and, as usual, I noticed some movie references, either on Wikipedia or IMDB before the download.

The movie is based on a husband’s true story, Arunachalam Muruganantham, who is fully motivated to create a solution for his wife to use when in the menstrual cycle instead of using old rags.

The use of sanitary pads has not been widely used years ago and even talking all related to menstruation has been taboo at the time. The cultural perceptions such as the color of the menstrual blood and their related others governed some bad perceptions. They also resisted using the sanitary pad for some normal and abnormal reasons.

Arunachalam Muruganantham (Lakshmikant Chauhan, as his character in the movie) made a prototype with various experiments although most of them failed to prevent all women from diseases and make them productive during the cycle. Therefore, he continued to obtain different materials and came up with new models for sanitary pads.

Hoping for the best for the health of his wife, he frequently asked his wife to try the pad, but it never worked, he had no other choice except to ask for a few volunteers from a nearby medical college’s students. Though a few female students agreed to try them, they were shy to give him the right feedback. He then decided to test them himself. That’s why he is also known as the first man in the world wearing a sanitary pad
He experienced, At that moment, various insults due to the neglect of cultural value and even humiliation by the villagers until his wife could no longer hold the shame then finally separated. This was also a tremendous time to realize his dream of creating a sanitary pad machine for all Indian women.


Women in the process of producing hygiene sanitary pad

A staggering data in the movie is that only 12 percent of the Indian women population used sanitary napkins. This was the biggest problem that has become the mind of Muruganantham as well as the potential of the huge business opportunity that followed the idea.

The end of the story would be the beginning of an idea of how to maintain women’s health, one of which was the use of sanitary napkins and a remarkable breakthrough in disseminating this affordable sanitary napkin machine. The machine was only around $950 compared to an automatic imported machine worth approximately $5 million.

Women’s groups or other communities will be able to purchase the machine, produce and sell their pads for their prosperity.

In this way, the Muruganantham machine has created jobs for rural Indian women. He has started a revolution in his own country, selling a thousand machines to overall Indian, and has recently begun exporting them to developing countries all over the world.

What an inspiring breakthrough ☺️☺️

Written by: Adil Abdillah